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How to Stay Safe from Identity Theft

Identity theft is on the rise and wreaking havoc on the lives of many Americans. While everyone is at risk and there’s no foolproof way to safeguard against it, learning how to protect yourself from this type of fraud can go a long way in lowering your risk of identity theft.

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All About Ohio's Tax Free Weekend

It’s back-to-school time! Things may look different this year, but one thing is for certain, kids will need school supplies. Each year, various states hold a tax-free weekend to make back-to-school shopping more affordable for parents. Ohio’s is this weekend and starts Friday. Between Friday at 12:00 AM to Sunday at 11:59 PM clothing, school supplies and instructional materials (up to a certain value) will be exempt from sales and use tax. The stores are usually more crowded during tax-free weekend, so you may be asking is it worth it? We think it is.

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