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MoneyMap is a powerful option to River Valley’s online banking.

Access information on your accounts with different financial institutions – in a dashboard built right into River Valley’s mobile app. Manage your accounts, view balance information and previous transactions, review trends in spending, create a budget, manage your debts and much more.

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Get a single view of all your accounts both at River Valley and elsewhere with an aggregated view of all transactions. Search your transactions by keyword, date or amount.

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  • See where you spend your money
  • Build a monthly budget
  • Visualize spending trends over time
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Set, manage and visualize your financial goals on a timeline.

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Manage and prioritize your existing debt to better pay it down and pay it off.

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Net Worth & Cash Flow

Identify your recurring deposits and payments to simply see your spending trends and watch your net worth grow over time.

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Receive SMS or email alerts based on your preferences.

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